WElcome to the

Triangle Lake Center

A unique learning, wildland, and retreat destination.

DUE to the COVID-19 Crisis, we are not accepting visitors.

Because Moments in nature can be unexpectedly profound.

a place for re-creation

our mission

The Triangle Lake Center strives to provide experiences which deepen the comprehension and appreciation of nature and human life, inspiring orginal, artistic, and practical initiatives for healing and nourishing our community, our country and our world.

Here in a  forest, carpeted by sword ferns, moss and medicinal wildflowers, and nestled near pristine lakes where osprey and eagles fly, we have all the time in the world for mindfulness, peace and insight. We are a place where children and folks of all ages can lay aside non essentials and remember what it is to look up and into each others eyes. To ask the big questions that really matter in a place that can open your heart. We find that these two things together can lead one to become who one was always meant to become.

what we envision

We are working to create and connect educational, artistic, and health-bringing initiatives at our pristine nature sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest.  We strive to nurture seeds for thriving cultural life, under the peaceful starlight of clear minds and in the warm sunlight of free hearts. 

We are a unique opportunity to collaborate with and support the work of non-profits, social services and like minded business’s, initiatives and schools toward our common goal of bringing healing outdoor experiences for all ages and especially children. 

Children need wild places to have fun, play, learn and work hard together without digital media; and grownups need this too.” 
Keith Hess Naturalist


help bring this vision to life!

Fostering Creativity

serving the community

This incredible place can make a real difference in the life of anyone searching for a deeper connection with nature, and the renewal, balance and joy that this brings. Triangle Lake Center (TLC) is lovingly stewarded by volunteers, including Waldorf teachers, local business owners, artists, families and individuals just like you dedicated to community friendship, resilience and finding the magic in everyday life. 

We hope to further the mission and values of non profits, educational and community groups as well as support and host day workshops and classes on a myriad of themes such as wellness, social justice, and earth-care. We offer low tech respite from the technological modern world in the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. 

With your help we can provide the perfect destination for a variety of ways for people to come together to share timeless and important moments such as family reunions, weddings, staff meetings, picnics, field trips, camp outs, and all the arts, music, craft and skill shares that celebrate life. We will provide both the accommodations and the wonder of nature to expand the potential and the experience for any guest or group from the ground up to the stars. 

When we are fully open OUR FACILITIES will Offer

simplicity and abundance

59 acres of majestic forest and beautiful lakeshore, located 31 miles from Eugene, Oregon.



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we would love to 
hear from you

Please contact us by letter or phone if you are interested in learning more about how our land and facilities may serve your needs.  
We are always in need of volunteers and delighted and grateful when folks want to come out and join in.  Many hands make light work has true meaning out here.  

Physical Address
19291 Oregon Hwy 36, Blachly, OR   
(Visitors by appointment only.)

Mailing Address
PO Box 11 Blachly, Oregon 97412 

Mobile: 831-594-3382 or Office: 541-927-3765

Or you may email a message or request here…